My name is Girum. I like to make cool software.

"Girum" is pronounced "Groom." I graduated ~ months ago.


RuzenaFit (Berkeley research, 2012)

About Me

Sup. I'm a ? year old Ethiopian-American, originally from Sacramento, now a happy Bay Area resident. I grew up playing with computers, and I still do. Once upon a time in 2009 I was a nationally-ranked World of Warcraft player, making me the biggest nerd of all time. I have an interesting love-hate relationship with Cal Poly, my alma mater.

In my time away from Poly I picked up the piano, playing a ton. Then, during my time at Berkeley, I was peer-pressured into picking up soccer. I started playing a *lot*. Those two take up all my free time now.

These days I'm having a lot of fun at my job, integrating our old product with our new and organizing Veeva soccer. I'm also working on a few little side projects, including the one app I've always wanted to exist but never did.

If you wanna talk, I'm always down for a drink.